Fight excessive sweating with botox injection

Fight excessive sweating with botox injection

The treatment of excessive sweating with botox injection

izzadaskezeles-botox-injekcioval1Botulinum toxin is ideal for the treatment of the symptoms of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Hyperhidrosis can be caused by various medical conditions such as overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), menopause, diabetes mellitus, or obesity.

In the case of primary hyperhidrosis, no obvious medical reasons for excessive sweating can be found.

Primary hyperhidrosis usually starts during childhood or adolescence, and cannot be cured. This condition can affect one or several locations; typically, it affects the armpits, the feet, the hands, and the face.

Excessive sweating can easily, quickly, and safely be treated with botox injection. Botulinum toxin, injected by small pin pricks, inhibits neural impulses that would stimulate sweat glands; as a result, it blocks the production of sweat. However, inhibition is not permanent: it usually lasts for 9 months, although it might last for even 12 months. In the case of the recurrence of the symptoms, further injections can be given to the patient.
Botox injection can be applied to the armpits, the palms, the soles, and the forehead.


izzadaskezeles-botox-injekcioval2The advantages of the botox treatment

Quick: The treatment takes less than an hour. In a few days, sweating is significantly reduced.

Safe: Tens of millions of botox treatments are the proof.

Effective: Excessive sweating is reduced to a normal level which means a great improvement in the quality of the patients’ lives.

Life-changing: Following the botox treatment, you can wear any kind of clothes you want to without having to hide sweat stains.


The price of the sweat treatment

The price of the botox injection treatment depends on several factors. The price is calculated on the basis of the particular demands of our patients. The price depends on the amount of botox used and the location of treatment.

In the table below, you can find the general unit prices of our procedures performed with Dysport or Vistabel substances that are registered in Hungary.

Location of treatment

Price (HUF) for women

Price (HUF) for men


160 000


160 000


160 000


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