General dermatological consultation, examination

HUF 40,000

Mole screening with a hand-held dermatoscope

HUF 40,000

Mole screening with DermLite

HUF 40,000


HUF 20,000

Recipe writing

HUF 5,000

Surgical removal of warts and birthmarks

HUF 50,000/piece +

HUF 10,000 for histology

Removal of benign skin lesions by laser or cautery

Consultation fee + from HUF 2,000/piece,

or a region: HUF 30,000-40,000

Operation of 1 nail edge with laser

HUF 50,000

Surgery of 2 nail edges with laser on the same toe

HUF 60,000

Laser operation of 2 nail edges on different toes

HUF 80,000

Surgical control


Cosmetology consultation


Wrinkle filling (with hyaluronic acid, Teosyal products) depending on the amount of material required

HUF 110,000/ml

Lip filling (with Hyaluronic acid, Teosyal product) depending on the amount of material required

HUF 110,000/ml

Botox treatment (with Dysport, Vistabell)
by region or depending on the amount of material required

From HUF 50,000

Sweat treatment (armpits, palms, soles)

HUF 160,000

Dermaroller treatment

Roller + HUF 30,000

Fractional laser peeling, treatment of acne scars

From HUF 100,000

Profhilo treatment

HUF 100,000/occasion


Stimulation (Mono/Screw) HUF 5,000/thread

Lifting (Cog/Spiky) HUF 25,000/thread

Laser tattoo removal by region test treatment free (1x1cm area)

From HUF 30,000

PLASMAGE treatment

Upper Eyelid HUF 100,000

Lower Eyelid HUF 100,000

Lower + Upper eyelid HUF 150,000

*The prices are occasionally understandable and informative, they are tailored to the individual depending on the type and area of the intervention and are shown without VAT (27%). Please notify us in advance of your request for a VAT invoice.

** Cosmetology consultation is free of charge if an aesthetic treatment is used, otherwise HUF 40,000/occasion