Drakula therapy


Let’s use our own blood to become more beautiful!

The newest method of rejuvenating the face is the Dracula Therapy!

What is the secret of the Dracula Therapy (PRP Therapy, MyCells)?

The PRP Therapy is a new, very simple, and revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure. In the course of the treatment, the doctor collects blood (10-20 ml) from the patient; in the next step, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is prepared from the previously collected blood in a specialised centrifuge; finally, the PRP, mixed with a vitamin cocktail, is injected subcutaneously with a thin needle. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.

Thanks to the growth factors contained in the PRP, the therapy stimulates the regeneration and growth of collagen cells in the skin, reduces small wrinkles, and makes the skin fresher.

The treatment takes about 20 minutes.

drakula-terapia3Historical background

PRP is not a new medical term as it has been used in the United States and certain parts of Europe for several years. The method has been used successfully in several medical fields such as orthopaedics, dentistry, neurosurgery, and – more recently – dermatology.

What advantages does the Dracula Therapy have?

  • It is safe: the patient’s own blood is injected, so there is no risk of allergic reactions.
  • It is quick: the treatment takes about 20 minutes.
  • There is only a minimal risk of infection.
  • It is the best option for those who are afraid of using wrinkle filling products or botox.
  • There are hardly any adverse effects; swelling or contusion might occur.
  • The usual lifestyle can be continued immediately after the procedure.
  • Only minimal discomfort is involved.
  • It does not require surgery.

drakula-terapia4Who is the Dracula Therapy recommended to?

It is recommended to women and men alike. The Dracula Therapy is a completely safe and natural procedure which quickly and effectively reduces small wrinkles on the face, the neck, the cleavage, and the hands, and rejuvenates the “faded” skin.

What is the result of the treatment?

In 3 weeks following the procedure, the skin becomes visibly smoother and tighter; in the following months, further improvement in the tone and texture of the skin can be observed. Depending on the individual, the effects of the therapy last for roughly 18 months.

What kind of adverse effects can be felt after the Dracula Therapy?

During the 12-24 hour period following the procedure, only slight swelling or bleeding can be observed. The risk of adverse effects is negligible because the tightening of the skin is achieved with the patient’s own plasma.

How often should the Dracula Therapy be repeated?

It depends on the condition of the skin, but 2-3 treatments are recommended, with 1-2 week intervals.

drakula-terapia6Who is the Dracula Therapy not recommended to?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Patients with autoimmune disease
  • Patients with blood coagulation disorder
  • Patients with acute or chronic infection
  • Patients with tumour disease

How much does a treatment cost?

A Dracula Therapy treatment, along with local anaesthesia, costs HUF 100 000 / occasion.