BOTOX treatment

The botox treatment is the elixir of youth.

The botox treatment is the number one cosmetic procedure applied to the skin all over the world.

The botox treatment is one of the most popular and most demanded cosmetic procedure. It provides quick, safe, and effective solution to the reduction and removal of wrinkles. Just a few small injections, and the botox treatment will rejuvenate the skin and remove the wrinkles under the eyes and the vertical wrinkles across the forehead.

Besides smoothing minor wrinkles, the botox treatment effectively stops excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and treats migraine headaches.

The injected botox temporarily inhibits the activity of the muscles at the location of the treatment. The surface treatment of the skin is not sufficient to the removal of wrinkles because these are caused by the activity of the facial muscles; this is why these muscles need to be treated.

The process of the botox treatment

The botox treatment can be performed by qualified surgeons only. At the medical consultation preceding the treatment, the expectations of the patient and the potential results are discussed. The botox treatment is performed as outpatient surgery without anaesthesia; in a few rare cases, the use of anaesthetic gel might be necessary. The botox treatment is a painless outpatient cosmetic surgery that lasts for 5-10 minutes. The required amount of botox is administered with a thin needle into the appropriate location by the surgeon.

The botox treatment provides a solution for the following types of wrinkles:

  • Glabellar wrinkles (between the eyebrows)
  • Wrinkles on the forehead
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Small wrinkles around the mouth
  • “Rabbit” wrinkles of the nose

Patients can continue their usual lifestyle after the procedure.

The result of the botox treatment is visible in 2-5 days, but the real effect takes about 2 weeks to be felt. In 4-6 months, the effect of the botox treatment gradually disappears.

Obviously, the results depend on the individual.

We take a photo before and after the botox treatment.

Delusions and unjustified fears about the botox treatment: Is it safe?

  • The botox treatment is safe; millions of patients have been treated with the substance all over the world.
  • Only a tiny amount of botox is necessary for the treatment, and it has its effect at the location of the injection.
  • Following a properly performed botox treatment, our face will not lack or have an insufficient amount of facial expressions.
  • The spectacularly expressionless and rigid “larva” face can be the result of improperly (e.g. too often, in great quantities, or at the wrong locations) administered botox. The goal of the treatment is not the complete “freezing” of muscle function but the preservation of the natural harmony of the face.
  • After the effects have disappeared, and if the botox treatment is not repeated, the wrinkles of the patient will not be deeper or uglier than before the treatment.

The price of the botox treatment

We use Dysport and Vistabel which are registered substances in Hungary.

The price of the botox treatment depends on several factors:

  • the quantity of the botox administered
  • the depth and quantity of wrinkles
  • the patient’s gender (more botox is necessary for the same effect in men)

The price of the treatment is calculated individually on the basis of these factors. In general, the unit prices are the following:

Location of treatment

Price (HUF) for women

Price (HUF) for men

1 location, e.g. wrinkles on the nose

40 000

40 000

1 location, e.g. smoker’s lines

40 000

40 000

Eyebrow lift

40 000

45 000

1 location, e.g. glabella

40 000

45 000

1 location, e.g. around the eyes

40 000

45 000

2 regions, e.g. glabella + forehead

70 000

80 000

2 regions, e.g. glabella + around the eyes

70 000

80 000

3 regions, e.g. glabella + forehead + around the eyes

90 000

95 000

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